OTOPARTS is proud to be the Dutch importer of HEOSolution products. The program includes;


The German firm HEOSolution is a quality manufacturer of locks for camper and caravan. The precise fit of these products is insures a simple installation and long life.

HEOSwater connector

The famous HEOSwater connector Gardena coupling allows hygienic filling. The solution to fill the tank of your caravan or motorhome

HEOSdoor mat

Another useful invention of HEOSolution: preformed entrance mats, perfectly matching the front entry of your RV.

More about HEOSolution on the international website of the manufacturer.

HEOSolution weergeven op een grotere kaart

Dear customers,

We want to thank you very much for this König Kunde award. Our company has for many years tried to improve the safety of campers and caravans and optimize with the suggestions of the customers. This award we owe you by the good communication between you and us.

Thank you for your trust and satisfaction!

Your HEOSolution Team