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Why Peggy Peg?

Suitable for hard, stoney ground,
by using the height-adjustable hook!
Made from reinforced UV resistant fibreglass or aluminium, they are strong and light!
Quick and easy to put in with an electric drill, saving a lot of time and effort!
When it’s time to leave, just
unscrew them – it’s so easy!

Peggy Peg Fix & Go

The base plate prevents the poles from sinking into soft ground or
lifting in the wind.



New is an aluminium version
of the drill adapter for drilling
any of the pegs where the torque
is likely to be high. We still recommend the large pegs
(plastic and aluminium) are
screwed in with a wrench.


The easy awning strap by
Peggy Peg

NEW !!


Standard Peg (N)

Enjoy the ease of screwing a PeggyPeg in with a cordless drill. Be
reassured by its incredible holding power and secure clip. It is not
necessary to fully screw a PeggyPeg in. Providing the thread is below
the ground and feels secure, move the clip to ground level and hook on.



The Crocodile Peggy® is a
powerful, multifunctional,
adjustable, quick-release clamp.
Once clamped onto material
it has a steel like grip. Made of fiberglass and UV-resistant
nylon, it will withstand the
highest demands.



The Hand driver and Drill adapter
are now combined.
Fits all PeggyPeg sizes.



Hardcore Peg

Even Peggy Peg's struggle on
some hard standings. So we
have developed a hammer-in,
screw-out peg which we are
calling "HardCore". It's short,
dumpy and light.



The Peggy Peg team is often
"on the road". You can find us
at various camping car shows.


Peggy Peg schroefharing N
De meestgebruikte schroefharing. Toepasbaar in zand, klei en aarde.
Peggy Peg Fix & Go set
Alles voor de camper reiziger. Snel de luifel vast
Peggy Peg Crocodile
Veelzijdige alleskunner. Klemt zich overal aan vast.
Peggy Peg slagharingen
Voor de extreem harde (rotsachtige) ondergrond.  
Peggy Peg F&G ankerplaat
Ideale basis om de luifel mee vast te zetten.

Peggy Peg Fix & Go kit

The ideal companion for the avid motor homer. Quick and easy
Canopy fixed in a jiffy.