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Fix & Go Bridge (set)

Fix & Go Bridge (set)

Peggy Peg

Thanks to the bridge like constuction these Fix & Go accessories allow the water to run unhinderedly. Particles of dirt are easily flushed out. If required the Fix & Go Bridges may be stacked into each other and thus the ground clearance can be enlarged. In this case the length of Peggy's in use should be considered. Suitable for all Peggy Peg scew-in pegs (purchased separately).


Euro 7.25
incl. VAT

Peggy Peg | Article code: 999930003

Fix & Go Bridge  (set)

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  • supplier: Peggy Peg
  • article number: PP18
  • barcode (EAN): 4260172640183
  • colour: orange
  • comes as a set of 2 pieces

  • Peggy Peg
  • Orange