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Home     Peg & Stop (set of 6) (set)
Peg & Stop (set of 6) (set)

Peg & Stop (set of 6) (set)

Peggy Peg


Euro 13.50
incl. VAT

Peggy Peg | Article code: 99999910131

Peg & Stop (set of 6)  (set)

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For all users of awnings and anchor plates, we provide a newly developed screwable peg to complete the proven Fix&Go anchor plate. As always, the idea behind the product is as simple as brilliant. Its name is Peg&Stop – and it does exactly what the name promises. Put the screw nut on the chosen hole in the plate and screw the peg on to the hole, using the cordless screwdriver. As soon as it is fix enough, simply grab to the screw nut, and a right hand rotation will set up the pressure against the plate. So the impact of any peg is increased on nearly all grounds.

The all New Peg & Stop is a fibreglass reïnforced, height adjustable Scew-in Peg. Peg and Stop has a unique lock nut and is designed for use with Fix & Go Anchor Plate. Peg&Stop is simple to screw in with a rechargable drill or by hand. Screw in the peg untill it is firmly holding. Then the lock nut is turned some rotations to the right to apply counter pressure and instantly fix the plate to the ground.

Pre-drilling is sometimes useful - especially in winter.

Product information
  • manufacturer: Peggy Peg
  • item number: PP01
  • barcode (EAN): 4260172640015
  • UV-resistant
  • comes as a set of 6 Pegs + lock nut
  • 16 cm
  • max. 25 Nm
  • color: blue
  • packaging: Blister

  • Peggy Peg
  • Blue