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screw herring N, English / Deutsch / Français (set)

screw herring N, English / Deutsch / Français (set)

Peggy Peg

With this smart tent Peg, removing the pegs from the soil is as easy as screwing them in de ground. Just turn with your Kombi tool or battery screwdriver.


Euro 20.75
incl. VAT

Peggy Peg | Article code: 99999910004

screw herring N, English / Deutsch / Français  (set)

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Screw-in pags can be put in, either with an electric drill or a hand driver. Five times lighter than an equivalent metal peg, with ten times stronger grip. Ideal for soft and sandy ground with its deep cut thread. The adjustable hook enables the peg to be used on hard standing (pre-drilling is sometimes useful -especialy in winter). When it's time to leave, just unscrew it. It's so easy!

Product information
  • manufacturer: Peggy Peg
  • article number: PP02
  • barcode (EAN): 4260172640022
  • set of 12 pegs
  • length: 20 cm
  • spanner width: 17mm
  • delivery including 12 heigth adjuster hooks
  • packaging: blister

  • Peggy Peg
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