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control box, 12V (set)

control box, 12V (set)

Thule Omnistep



Euro 192.33
incl. VAT

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Thule Omnistor | Article code: 99999907152

control box, 12V  (set)

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Control box Omnistep, for automatic on and off sliding of the steps when opening the side sliding door or folding door.

  • Supplier: Thule Omnistor
  • Item Number Supplier: 62.0023.00 or 308812
  • barcode (EAN):

> When the vehicle is started, the Omnistep automatically switches on after about fifteen seconds, even if the switch is set to "OPEN". When taken out of service, the safety connection also prevents the steering wheel from turning on a rotating motor.
> The Omnistep will only come out when the door is opened after the vehicle engine is switched off.
> The Omnistep stops automatically if it becomes too strong when opening or closing. Check for obstacles and use the door to completely open or close the Omnistep.

> Thule relays 308200 or 62.0000.00
> Thule wiring harness 1500601767