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Home     toilet vent, Thetford C200, filter white (set)
toilet vent, Thetford C200, filter white (set)

toilet vent, Thetford C200, filter white (set)

SOG Systeme

Toilet system without chemicals. Thanks to a clever vacuum system and an activated carbon filter, keep things fresh.

Euro 162.50
incl. VAT

SOG Systeme | Article code: 99999903111

toilet vent, Thetford C200, filter white  (set)

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Odours are filtered to the outside through a carbon filter mat that is fitted to the exterior of the service hatch together with its filter casing.

The cassette is just as easy to empty as it was before, namely by removing the exhaust hose and using the suitable plug that is supplied with the ventilation system to close the connection that is now open.
Our filter casing is available in white, light grey and dark grey for all assembly kits.

  • supplier: SOG Dahmann
  • supplier article number: 0023
  • barcode (EAN): 4260350440086
  • suitable for Thetford C200 series (cassette Tank: 17l without wheels - toilet bowl: rotatable)
  • Type-B
  • filter: white

Contents of the complete kit:
1 fan motor integrated in housing
1 exhaust hose
1 connector for Cassette
1 closure
Screws and other small parts