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Home     safety vest, yellow, EN 471 (per stuk/p.p.)
safety vest, yellow, EN 471 (per stuk/p.p.)

safety vest, yellow, EN 471 (per stuk/p.p.)




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safety vest, yellow, EN 471  (per stuk/p.p.)

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Reflective safety vest. Compulsory in Belgium, Spain and Italy. Always wise to take with you when you are on the road.

Product information
  • Quality: polyester mesh
  • with reflective tape
  • with double velcro closure
  • Universal size
  • this traffic vest meets the following standards: EN 471 (2.2)
  • color: yellow

In Germany, it is mandatory from 1 July 2014 to have. Safety vest in the vehicle This was true for all commercial vehicles, but also need drivers of private vehicles to believe it. The jacket must be certified following the European standard EN471.

Keep safety vest near the driver's seat, because once you leave your car, roadside you should already have. In many European countries such as Austria, Italy and France is already mandatory safety vest. Often, this is also true for the passagies.

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