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Home     CoilSpring, front axle, "light" replacement spring, Ducato ( (set)
CoilSpring, front axle, "light" replacement spring, Ducato ( (set)

CoilSpring, front axle, "light" replacement spring, Ducato ( (set)


The solution
VB-CoilSpring coil springs. The spring steel used is among the best in the world. The meticulous manufacturing ensures an optimal fit. Due to the changed spring stiffness, the wheel position is correct again and the vehicle still has spring travel. The stop rubbers are no longer loaded and the wheel geometry ensures that the familiar, safe and comfortable driving behavior of your vehicle returns.

Euro 502.15
incl. VAT

VB-Airsuspension | Article code: 05139906002

CoilSpring, front axle, "light" replacement spring, Ducato (  (set)

  • Product info

Replacement springs for the front axle of the Fiat Ducato / Peugeot Boxer / Citroën Jumper X250 (2006 - present).

Different versions
"light" (versions 30, 33, 35) applicable to light vehicles, or vehicles that are regularly only partially loaded.
"heavy" (versions 35, 40) applicable to heavy vehicles that are constantly heavily loaded (eg full integral motorhomes).

Many vehicles with original springs are attached to the stop rubbers and / or have too little travel left.
The driving comfort then deteriorates and the vehicle is not only uncomfortable, but also the superstructure suffers. The driving dynamics in this condition are far below standard. The unevenness of the road surface is passed on to the superstructure virtually unfiltered and the vehicle feels uncomfortable and nervous.

Product information
  • supplier: VB-Airsuspension
  • supplier article number: 1700307000
  • barcode (EAN): 743202804006
  • applicable to; 30, 33, 35 series
  • replacement coil springs of VB-Airsuspension quality, high-quality spring steel
  • increases the vehicle height (front) by approximately 45 to 60 mm
  • provided with TÜV approval (documents are included)
  • set of 2 springs
  • detailed photo assembly manual
  •  packing: box

Suitable for
> Fiat Ducato (2006 - present)
> Peugeot Boxer (2006 - present)
> Citroën Jumper (2006 - present)
> RAM ProMaster (2013 - present)

Is it a vehicle with more than 20,000 kilometers? Then have the main bearings of the front axle replaced when replacing the front springs. These have often had a hard time with vehicles with standard suspension.

Replacement at the same time as the installation of the new reinforced springs is not expensive, since most of the work has already been done.