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Home     door guard, ZADI, slide lock (per stuk)
door guard, ZADI, slide lock (per stuk)

door guard, ZADI, slide lock (per stuk)


The lock 1740 is an additional security lock for the exterior lock with door handle type ZADI.


Euro 69.95
incl. VAT


HEOSolution | Article code: 99999911033

door guard, ZADI, slide lock  (per stuk)

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Easy to install HEOSafe lock.

  • manufacturer: HEOSolution
  • article number manufacturer: 1740
  • barcode (EAN): 4260361070203
  • color: white
  • developed to fit with the ZADI lock

Instructions for use
  • open the additional security lock with your key
  • push the security lock upwars, now you can use the exterior lock with the door handhandle
  • you can secure the exterior lock again by pushing the additional lock downwards and lock
  • when the additonal lock is closed with the key, the exterior lock can't be unlocked nor can you move the handle
  • the additional lock can only be used from the outside. Always keep a key at hand! Risk of being shut out

Assembly instructions
  • open the exterior lock
  • remove the cover at the inside of the door. unscrew and remove the screws. Now remove the exterior lock completely
  • assemble the base plate (with seal) of the additional lock 1740 on the exterior lock
  • remove the adhesive tape carefully from the housing of the additional lock (spring!)
  • push the lock inside and shove the housing into the guidance rails of the base plate. Please take care that the rubber seal of the additional is not damaged
  • put the exterior lock together with the additional lock in the drilled openings in the door and screw the complete lock again. Pay attention! The screws should be tighten constant and easily.
  • check the smooth running of the additional lock in the guidance rails of the base plate