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TriGas, alarm, anesthetic gases (per stuk)

TriGas, alarm, anesthetic gases (per stuk)



5 stars based on 2 reviews

5 stars


Linnepe | Article code: 99999911001

TriGas, alarm, anesthetic gases  (per stuk)

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General description
TriGas alarm warns of escaping propane / butane gas (LPG), carbonic-monoxide (CO) and gases with narcotic
effect (soporific). TriGas alarm is suitable to warn passengers of the dangers of escaping gases before they have an
effect on the passengers in a camper or Caravan. TriGasAlarm will be fitted firmly into the vehicle

TriGas alarm is able to
  • To detect gases in the surroundings already in smallest concentrations and to warn of it, long before
they can have an effect on people or animals.
  • To awaken the asleep passengers of a camper or Caravans through an alarm-sound and to alert to
escaping gas.

TriGas alarm, thanks to a particular sensor-technology, reacts very sensitively to all gases with narcotic effect.

For the flawless function-manner of TriGasAlarm, it is important:
  • that the environment-air preferably is not polluted
  • that TriGasAlarm is installed on the wall in height of approximately 30cm from the ground
  • that the sensor is tested for its function regularly

Power On: Press the top green flashing alarm
After automatically adjusting, solid green LED

Alarm: siren and red LED

Mounting Location:
Preferably, the sensor is mounted on the wall (eye level) for optimal operation on detection of gases.

For specific use on the signs of propane gas leakage is strongly recommended to install sensor on the floor.

Product information
  • manufacturer: Linnepe
  • articlenumber manufacturer:

  • 12 Volt

Number of reviews: 2
Average rating: 5 stars